Solar Power

Solar Photovoltaic Generation

The implementation of renewable generation at Unicamp is an importante initiative to reduce the cost of purchasing energy from the University, encourage and publicize the photovltaic generation área in Brazil, and establish a living laboratory for research, training and education of technicians and generation specialists photovoltaic power.

On the main campus of UNICAMP in Campinas-SP

of photovoltaic generation were installed

GMU – Unicamp Multidisciplinary Gymnasium

336,8 kWp

FEEC – School of Electrical and Computer Engineering

84,5 kWp

CEPETRO – Center for Petroleum Studies

NIPE – Interdisciplinary Center of Energy Planning

38,4 kWp

Exploratory Science Museum

4,1 kWp


39 kWp

FEC – School of
Civil Engineering, Architecture and Urban Design

31,2 kWp

In addition to energy generation, the living laboratory of photovoltaic generation selects: evaluation of the use of different photovoltaic modules; studies of solarimetry, modeling of solar radiation, modeling of photovoltaic modules and methods of energy simulation and performance evaluation of photovoltaic systems; creation of a computer simulator to evaluate the performance of photovoltaic systems, using the mini-generation systems implemented on campus as a validation laboratory; development of an IV curve plotting equipment for commissioning tests of photovoltaic systems and solar plants.